Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sudan: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan Sign Deal on Water Sharing - NYTimes.com

EgyptEthiopia and Sudan signed an initial agreement Monday on sharing water from the Nile, which runs through all three, as Ethiopia presses ahead with its construction of a massive new dam it hopes will help alleviate the country’s power shortages. The dam had been an issue of contention among the countries, with Egypt concerned it would reduce its share of the Nile established under a colonial-era agreement. But on Monday, leaders of the three nations welcomed the agreement in speeches in Khartoum. It outlines principles by which they are to cooperate to use the water fairly and resolve any potential disputes peacefully, leaving details on specific procedures to be determined later after the release of joint, expert studies.

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  1. Hey, I appreciate your writing. It is a fact that the Nile River starts from Ethiopia and goes to Sudan and Egypt. If the water comes from Egypt to Ethiopia, Egyptian would have the right to get mad or say the river is ours. People of Ethiopia have been starved but not anymore when we can use our gift from god. I am really sorry if it causes water problem in Egypt, but they have to understand that Ethiopians needs it too. My advice for Egypt is understand the fact and start working on changing sea water into fresh water. Talking about war does not help rather than killing each other, And Ethiopians would not tolerate any threat that come from Egypt.
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