Thursday, March 21, 2013

Juba rebuffs Cairo on Nile waters agreements:

On the banks of River Nile in South Sudan. FILE | NATION EMDIA GROUP 
South Sudan has expressed its opposition to a 1959 Nile Water agreements between Sudan and Egypt.
The country said it was already on its way to join the Cooperative Framework agreement, which Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania signed in 2010, and later Burundi in 2011.
"South Sudan does not recognise - and underline does not recognise – the content of the 1959 agreement,” said Water and Irrigation minister Paul Mayom Akech.
“Having been under Sudan at the time, we could not say anything, today we say, we have nothing to do with this agreement,” the minister said.
Riparian countries that signed the Cooperative Framework agreement are discontent with the 1959 deal that gives Sudan and Egypt a larger share of the Nile waters.
“We have joined the NBI (Nile Basin Initiative) and are already a long way to joining the Cooperative Framework agreement, being an entity within which all the Nile Basin countries come together and discuss how best they could utilise the water resource,” Mr Mayom said.
He told a local radio station that; “Egypt, Sudan and the DR Congo have refused to ratify the agreement for reasons that it contravenes the 1959 agreement".
Egypt dispatched a high profile delegation led by Prime Minister Hisham Qandil to South Sudan last week to, among others, seek support for its position against the Cooperative Framework agreement.
Mr Qandil signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with Vice-President Riek Machar on education, health, agriculture and investment. There was none on Nile waters.
Mr Mayom said Juba was planning the launch of a draft document for technical cooperation with Egypt. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Middle East facing water shortage crisis -

BEIRUT, Lebanon, March 15 (UPI) -- The Middle East, one of the most arid regions on Earth, is facing a critical water crisis because of poor management and a 2007 drought, the American Geophysical Union warns in a new report.
It published a NASA study that showed in 2003-09 the Middle East lost a volume of water equivalent to the needs of up to 100 million people in the region. That amount of fresh water is almost the size of the Dead Sea shared by Israel and Jordan.
The region has long grappled with several major disputes over water involving Israel, Jordan, the Palestinians, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey and Yemen, and these are getting more serious as water levels fall.
The latest report underlines concerns that the water crisis is worsening almost by the day at a time when the region is engulfed in political turmoil. This is largely due to the upheavals of the so-called Arab Spring in which four longtime dictators were toppled, triggering bloodshed and power struggles that show no sign of abating.
In this highly charged atmosphere, with a massive expectation of a new democratic era that has largely gone unfulfilled, the possibility of conflict over water resources must grow.
Despite fears over the years that nations would go to war over water, no such conflicts have broken out, although there have been heavy skirmishes caused by the quest for water security, most notably involving Israel and its Arab neighbors.
"However," Oxford Analytica observed Feb. 28, "groundwater depletion is now more serious than the contentious cross-border sharing of river flows. Associated conflicts will be on a community level rather than between nations."
That may be so. The incentive for cooperation rather than conflict on such a fundamental issue is considerable.
But the alarming rate at which water resources are shrinking could well ignite shooting wars among peoples cast adrift in the political maelstrom sweeping a region whose history is dominated by warfare.
The AGU study, published in its journal Water Resources Research Feb. 15, showed that freshwater reserves in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran along the Euphrates and Tigris rivers that rise in Turkey and flow southward into the Persian Gulf have lost 144 cubic kilometers of the total stored fresh water in 2003-09.
That, the study says, constitutes the second fastest loss of groundwater storage after India.
The main reasons for this loss of water were listed as increased demand, poor management -- a perennial problem in the Arab world -- and the impact of the devastating 2007 drought, whose effects are still being felt. Over pumping of ground water was the primary cause.
With water run-off in the region expected to decline 10 percent by 2050 and demand set to rise 60 percent by 2045, "these findings have heightened concerns of an impending regional water crisis," Oxford Analytica said.
The region's main rivers -- the Euphrates, Tigris and Nile -- are the focus of major water disputes, with little prospect any of them will be resolved in the foreseeable future.
Iraq and Syria, which rely heavily on the Euphrates and the Tigris for water supplies, have suffered greatly since Turkey cut the flow of these two rivers that rise on its northern highlands by building a series of huge hydroelectric dams designed, in part, to expand the country's agricultural sector.
For instance, the flow rate of the Euphrates through Iraq, after it reaches there from Syria, has fallen 70 percent, in part because of the drought.
Egypt depends on the Nile for almost all its water, and for food production in the fertile Nile basin but it and Sudan are in dispute with eight upstream African states that want a more equitable share of the great river's waters.
Under colonial-era agreements with Britain, Egypt gets the lion's share of the Nile's waters.
But that's in doubt because the African states are buildings massive dams for irrigation and hydro-electric schemes to meet domestic demands.
Even with the 2011 overthrow of longtime Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak in the Arab Spring upheavals, Cairo remains at odds with Ethiopia, the main dam builder, and the other upstream states, and refuses to agree to any reduction in its water supplies.
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Monday, March 11, 2013

የዓባይ ግድብ ከግብፅ ይልቅ የሳውዲውን መከላከያ ም/ሚኒስትር አሳሰበ

      መጋቢት 1ቀን 2005 ዓ.ም.              

የአባይ ግድብ ፣ሚለኒየም ግድብ፣ህዳሴ ግድብ፣ባለራዕዩ መሪያችን ግድብ፣መለስ ዜናዊ ግድብ፣ዓባይን የደፈረ መሪ ግድብ፣ወዘተ እየተባለ የስለት ልጅ ይመስል የተለያየ ስያሜ የተስጠው ግድብ ዋናው ዓላማ ከወያኔ የጫካ ማኒፌስቶ ጋር የተያያዘ መሆኑ መርሳት የለብንም፣ በየግዜው እንደተገለፀው ኢትዮጵያን  በዘር፣በሃይማኖት፣በብሄረስብና ቓንቓ በመከፋፍል አንድነትና ህብረት እንዳይኖረው እንዳይረዳዳ ለማድረግ ባለፉት ዓመታት ብዙ ጥሯል ይህ የተጠበቀውን ያህል ውጤት አላመጣ በማለቱ  አገሪቷን ጦርነት ውስጥ ለመክተት የታቀደ ነው፣ከአዋሳኝ አገሮች ይልቅ ታሪካዊና ጠንካራ ጠላታችን ግብፅን  የሚያስቆጣና ቅፅበታዊ እርምጃ እንድትውስድ የሚያደርጋትን ዓባይ እገድባለሁ ብሎ መፎከርና መሯሯጥ ነው፣ በዚያ ላይ የመለስ ዜናዊ ፀሃይ በማሽቆልቆል ላይ ነች፣ ብዙ ግዜ ስልጣን የሚወዱ አምባገነኖች መውደቂያቸው ሲደርስ ችግር እንዲፈጠር ይሻሉ፣በመሆኑም ለክፉ ቀን ያስቀመጣትን የመጨረሻ ካርዱን በዓባይ ላይ መዘዛት፣ መለስ ዜናዊ ዓባይን ብቻ ሳይሆን ቤተ ክርስትያንና ገዳማትን እንዲሁም መስጊዶችን የደፈረ ቀንዳም ስይጣን ነው እያለ የአዲስ አበባ ህዝብ ስላማዊ ስልፍ ቢከለከል በየዓመቱ በታላቁ ሩጫ ስሜቱን በጩኸት እንደገለፀ ነው፣ አገሪቱን ከጦርነትና ከችጋር አዙሪት እንዳትወጣ ማድረግም የዘወትር ህልሙ ነው፣ ቀኑ የማይደርስ መስሎት በዓለም ሚዲያዎች ሁሉ  የመጨረሽ ጊዜየ ነው ከዚህ በሁዋላ ምርጫ ውስጥ አልገባም እያለ ማሳወቁ ፍፃሜው መድረሱ  አስጨንቆታል፣ አስደንግጦታል፣ ስለዚህ ይህ ቅንነት የጎደለው ስው የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ የበለጠ ጥፋትና እርስ በርሱ አመስቃቅሎ መሄድ ሞት ቀደመው እንጂ የመጨረሻው አጀንዳው ነበር፣ ሁለተኛው በዚህ ግድብ  ስም ከፍተኛ ገንዘብ መስብስብና አዲስ ከተማ በሩቅ ምዕራብ መመስረት ነው።ይህም በከተሞች ያለውን የህዝብ ብዛት ለመቀነስ ይረዳል፣ ለዚህም በውዴታም በግዴታም ከህዝቡ ከፍተኛ ገንዘብ መስብስብ፣ ይህም ህዝብን አራቁቶ የወያኔ ቅን አገልጋይ ማድረግ፣ ለዚህም ሚዲያዎች ዋናውን የቅስቀሳ ስራ ያለመታከት እንዲስሩ ማድረግ፣ሌት ተቀን ፕሮግራሙ  ዓባይ ብቻ እንዲሆን፣ ህዝቡን ማሳመን፣ በግድ እንዲቀበል ማድረግ፣ማስልቸት፣በቲያትርና ዘፈን ማዘናጋት፣
የዓባይ ግድብ ህዝብ መዝረፊያና ማፈናቀያ ነው
የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የድህነት ደረጃ መስፈርቱን በማለፉ ደረጃ አልባ ሆኗል ማለት ይቻላል፣ በአዲስ አበባ ከተማ ሌሊት ለሚነሳ ስው በየፌርማታው ፌዴራል ፖሊስ አስከሬን ሲስበስብ መመልከት አዲስ ነገር አይደለም፣ በዓባይ ህዝቡን ማደህየት ከጀመረ ይኸው ሶስተኛ ዓመቱን ይዟል፣ ወጡ ሳይወጠወጥ ወስከምቢያው ይራወጥ እንዲሉ ምኑም ሳይያዝ ገና ከጅምሩ ዓለም ይወቅልን ዓባይን ገደብነው አዋጅ ቀረሽ ዕወቁልን ማስታወቂያ  ጧት ማታ በሬድዮና ቴሌቪዥን  መለፈፍ አንድም ህዝቡን ማስፈራራት ሁለትም ጦር አምጣ ነው ማለት ይቻላል፣ አሁንም አልተቁዋረጠም፣ ጥንት አባቶቻችን ሙያ በልብ ነው ይሉ ነበር በርግጠኝነት የሚያደርጉትን ነገር ሲገልፁ፣
በመጀመርያ-- ግድቡ ፍፃሜ እንደሌለው ከጅምሩ ያስታውቃል፣ ዓላማው ግን በመዋጮ ስም ህዝቡን ማደህየት ነው፣ወያኔ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ሃብት ንብረት እንዲያፈራ በፍፁም አይፈልግም፣የቁዋጠራትን ጥሪቱን ከጉያው መንጭቆ መውስድ ነው፣ ባለፉት ዓመታት በተለያየ ቅስቀሳ በቤት ስራ ማህበር፣በኮንዶሚኒየም ቤት፣በባንክና ኢንሹራንስ ኩባንያዎች ሼር ግዢና በተለያዩ ኩባንያዎች ሼር ግዙ አየተባለ ገንዘብ አደባባይ እንዲወጣ ተድርጉዋል፣ ይህም ወያኔ ሃብት ያለበትን አድራሻ ለማወቅ ጠቅሞታል፣ የአገሪቷን ሃብት መቆጥጠርም አስችሎታል፣ የነጋዴውን ሃብት ቀደም ሲል ደርሶበታል፣ አሁን ህዝቡን በግድቡ ስም መዋጮ መጠየቅና የመጨረሻ ድህነት አዘቅት ውስጥ መክተትና ዘላለማዊ ለማኝ አድርጎ መግዛት ነው፣ ይህም ተሳክቷል።
ሁለተኛ--ወያኔ አገሪቷን በዘጠኝ ክልል መከፋፈል ብቻ ሳይሆን ነፍጠኛና መጤዎችን ከክልልህ አስወግድ በተባለው መመርያ መስረት በርካታ ኢትዮጵያውያን ለዘመናት ከኖሩበት ልጆች ወልደው ከብደው፣ሃብት ንብረት አፍርተው በፍቅርና ወዳጅነት በስላም ከሚኖሩበት ቀያቸው እንዲፈናቀሉ አድርጉዋል፣ይህም ህዝቡ ወደ ከተሞች በተለያየ ምክንያት ተገዶ ፈልሷል፣ ይህም ህዝብ ወደ ከተሞች እንዲፈልስ አድርጉዋል ዕድገቱም  በሃያ ዓመታት ውስጥ አስደንጋጭ አድርጎታል፣ መፍትሄውም በዓባይ ግድብ ስም አዲስ ከተማ መፍጠር፣ ስለዚህ  ከአዲስ አበባና ክልል ከተሞች ስራ አጡን፣ቤቱ እየፈረስ መጠለያ ያጣውና በገጠር ደግሞ የርሻ መሬቱን እየተነጠቀ ወደ ከተማ የሚጎርፈውን ወደ ዓባይ ከተማ እንድሄድና ከከተማ አካባቢ እንዲርቅ  ማድረግ ነው።

የሳውዲ ሚኒስትር መልዕክት ምንድነው?
እውን ግብፅ ዓባይ እየተገደበ ዝም አለች? እያንዳንዷን ክንዋኔ እንደሚከታተሉ ይታወቃል፣ መጀመርያ ስሞን  የግብፅ መልዕክተኞች በተደጋጋሚ ወደ አዲስ አበባ ተመላልስዋል፣ በመስረቱ ግብፆች አዲስ አበባ በሚገኘው ኤምባሲያቸው ከአንድ ሻምበል ያላነስ የስለላ ኃይል እንዳለ ይታመናል፣በተጨማሪ በተባበሩት መንግስታት ኤኮኖሚክ ኮሚሽን ፎር አፍሪካ(UNECA)፣ በአፍሪካ ህብረትና አዲሰ አበባ በሚገኙ የተለያዩ ዓለም አቀፍ ድርጅቶች ውስጥ ተቀጥረው የሚስሩ፣ በህክምናና በተለያየ ስራ የሚኖሩ ግብፃውያን ቁጥር ቀላል አይደለም፣ ይህ ሁሉ ስው በዓባይ ዙርያ የሚደረግ ማንኛውም እንቅስቃሴ ይከታተላል፣ በተጨማሪ በርካታ ግብፃውያን ግድቡ የሚስራበትን ቦታ ሄደው ኣንዲጎበኙ ተደርጉዋል፣ በማንኛውም ግዜ እንዲጎበኙም ተፈቅዶላቸዋል፣
ሱዳኖቹ ግን ከፕሬዚደንቱ  ጄ/አልበሽር ጀምሮ አዲስ አበባ መኖሪያቸው ኢትዮጵያም ሁለተኛ ቤታቸው ነች፣ ግድቡም የተስማሙበት  ይመስላል፣ ግብፅን እርምጃ እንደምትወስድ ስለሚያቁ፣ እዚያው አጠገብ የአየር ኃይል መደብ(AIR BASE) ግብፆች ሊጠቀሙበት ይችላሉ ዓላማው አንድ በመሆኑ፣ ከጎንደርና ጎጃም የርሻ መሬት ቆርሶ ለሱዳን ተስጥቷል ቦታውም በ50ኪ.ሜ. ስሜን ሲገኝ፣ ከዋናው የሱዳን ጠረፍ ደግሞ በ 10ኪ.ሜ. ለሳውዲ ስታር ብዚነስ ግሩፕ የተስጠው ደግሞ 30ኪ.ሜ. ደቡብ ይገኛል፣ ይህ የሚያመለክተው የግድቡን ስራ የአረቦች በቅርብ ርቀት ይከታተላሉ፣ ታድያ ውሃ ሳይሆን ሌክ ናስርን ያስቸገረው ደለል ማጠራቀሚያ  ካልሆነ በቀር ግብፅ በፀጥታ አትመለከተውም፣ በዚህ ዙርያ ሙያተኞች ሃሳብ ሊስጡበት ይችላሉ፣ መለስ ዜናዊ ራሱ ያስባል ራሱ ይፈፅማል የሚያማክረው፣ ሃሳብ የሚያቀርብለት፣የሚተቸው፣የሚቃወመው ስለሌለ ያሻውን ጥፋት ለመፈፀም አስችሎታል፣ እውን ለኢትዮጵያ በጎ ነገር አስቦ? ስንት አንገብጋቢና በአቅም ሊስሩ የሚችሉ በርካታ ችግሮች ማከናወን ሲቻል የአገር ሃብት የሚያባክን  ስራ መጀመሩ አገሪቱንና ህዝቡን ደጋግሞ የመግደል ተግባር ነው፣ አሁን ወቅቱስ ነበር ወይ? ሌላ አማራጪስ የለምን? እንደ ዋቢ ሸበሌ፣ያን ያህል ርቀትስ ድንበር ላይ ለምን ተመረጠ? ነፍጠኛው መለስ ዜናዊ ከሱዳን ጋር ካደረገው ምስጢራዊ ስምምነት ሌላ አንዱንም የግልገል ግቤ በቅጡ ላልገነባው “ሳሊኒ” ለተባለው የጣልያን ኩባንያ ያለ ጨረታ መስጠቱ  ሌላው ምስጢራዊ ተግባር ነው።
የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጥንት ያገኝ የነበረውን የመብራት አገልግሎት  ተነፍጎ፣ ኤምባሲዎች በሙሉ ጄኔሬተር እንደሚጠቀሙ እየታወቀ  ለጅቡቲና ሱዳን መብራት መሽጥ ጀምረናል እያለ መለስ ዜናዊ ዘወትር በኢቲቪ በድፍረት ያለመታከት ማውራቱ  አገሪቷን ምን ዓይነት ማፈርያ ስው እየመራት እንደሆነና ለሚገዛው ህዝብ ደንታ ቢስ መሆኑን አሳይቶ አልፏል፣ ሱዳንና ግብፅ በአባይ ጉዳይ ቀልድ እንደማያቁ የህልውናቸውም  መስረት መሆኑ፣  ዓባይን  መንካት ማለት በሁለቱ አገራት ህዝቦች ላይ የሞት ፍርድ ከመስጠት ይቆጠራል እያሉ ለዘመናት ተናግረዋል አሁን ታድያ  በሚዲያዎች በሙሉ “ዓባይ ይገደባልእየተባለ በየዕለቱ  ሲፎከር፣ጉራ ከረዩ ሲባል እውን ሊገደብ ነው? ከተማዋ ግን መሟሟቅ ጀምራለች  ስራተኛና ወዝአደሩ የምግብና የባር ሌላም አገልግሎቶችን  ያገኛል፣
ይህ በንዲህ እንዳለ ከስሞኑ የሳውዲ ልዑልና የመከላከያ ም/ሚኒስትር ካሊድ ቢን ሱልጣን በግብፅ ምድር በተደረገው የውሃ ሃብት ልማት ስብስባ ላይ ተገኝቶ ግድቡ “የተስራበት ቦታ ከስባት መቶ ሜትር ከፍታ ላይ በመሆኑ ቢፈርስ የታች አገሮችን ያጠፋቸዋል ስለዚህ ዓላማው የተንኮልና ሆን ተብሎ አረቦችን ለማጥቃት የታቀደ ነው” በማለት ዛቻ ዓይነት መግለጫ ስጥቷል፣ የምጣዱ ሳለ የእንቅቡ ተንጣጣ እንዲሉ ግብፅና ሱዳን ሙያ በልብ ነው ብለው ብዙ ባላሉበት ጉዳይ  የሳውዲ ጦር ሚኒስትር ዲፕሎማሲን ባልተከተለ ሁኔታ ያውም ሳውዲ ስታር ግሩፕ በቅርብ ርቀት በሚያርስበት አካባቢ ይህን ዓይነት ዛቻ አዘል መግለጫ መስጠቱ መልዕክቱ ትኩረት የሚያሻው ነው፣ እንደማስጠንቀቂያም ሊወስድ ይችላል። ይህ የሚያሳየው ግብፅም ሱዳንም በተጠንቀቅ ላይ መሆናቸውን ነው፣ በሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ ግብፆችና ሱዳኖች በመላ አገሪቱ  ከነዋሪው የበለጠ መንደሮችን ሁሉ ሳይቀር ያለከልካይ እንደልብ የሚዘዋወሩት ለሽርሽር ሳይሆን በዓባይ ጉዳይ መሆኑን ማወቅ ያሻል፣ በፈለጉበት ስዓት ያሻቸውን ማድረግ እንደሚችሉ ማወቅ ያስፈልጋል፣ ጠንካራ የሆነ የሁሉንም ድጋፍ በቀላሉ ያገኛል፣ በመሆኑም መንግስታት በሙሉ ከጠንካራው ጋር ይቆማሉ፣ቱርክ ዩፍሬትስና ቲግሪስ ወንዞችን   ስትገድብ ጠንካራዋ የሳዳም ሁሴን ኢራክና ሶርያ አንገት ደፍተው ትንፍሽ ሳይሉ የመዓቱን ግዜ አሳልፈዋል፣ ጉልበት ማማሩ፣ ወዳጅ አልባዋ የመለስ ዜናዊ ኢትዮጵያ ግብፅ መዓቱን ብታወርድባት የማን ያለህ ይባላል፣ ሁሉም የማርያም ጠላት ነው የሚያደርገን ፣የተባበሩት መንግስታት ቀርቶ የአፍሪካ ህብረት የሚተቸው አይሆንም።

የግብፅ የመከላከያ ኃይል ምን ይመስላል
ም/ጦር--- AI MI ABRAMS TANK በአሜሪካ ላይስንስ ግብጽ ውስጥ ይስራል፣ በጦር ኃይል ከአፍሪካ አንደኛ---የቅኝት ሳተላይት ካላቸው ጥቂት አገሮች አንዷ ናት---ተጨማሪ ሳተላይት በ2007 ልካለች----በኔቶ የመዲተራንይን ውይይት መድረክ ተካፋይ--የግብፅ 40% ኤኮኖሚ የጦር ኃይሉ ነው                                                                                         አየር ኃይል---ከአፍሪካ አንደኛ--230-ኤፍ16-ይህን ተዋጊ ጄት በመጠቀም ከአለም 4ኛ--530 ተዋጊ ጄት ሲኖራ--ሚራዥ--ሚግ 29--ያካትታል---150ተዋጊ ሄሊኮፕተሮች                                                                                     የአየር መከላከያ ዕዝ--አየር መቃወሚያዎች---ሮኬትና ሚሳይል ክንፍ---ኢንተርሴፕተር ተዋጊ ጄቶች---ራዳርና ቅድሚያ ማስጠንቀቂያ ክንፍ-- የባህር ኃይል-- የአረብ ኢንዱስትሪ ድርጅት(ግብፅ፣ሳውዲና አረብ ኢሜሬትስ)ያቁዋቁዋሙት ሲሆን ሁለቱ 2ቢሊዮን ኢንቨስት አድርገው ጥለው ወጥተዋል--ከ12 በላይ ኢንዱስትሪዎችና 19ሺ ስራተኞች አሉት-- የአረብ ቴክኖሎጂ ተቁዋም-- ወታደራዊ ት/ቤቶች-- ዕዝና ስታፍ ኮሌጅ-- ተጠባባቂ መኮንኖች ኮሌጅ-- የናስር ሚሊተሪ አካዳሚ-- የግብፅ ሚሊታሪ አካዳሚ-- የግብፅ አየር አካዳሚ-- የግብፅ አየር መከላከያ አካዳሚ-- የግብፅ ወታደራዊ ተ/ዕድ ኮሌጅ   
   ግብፆች ሱዳን ጠረፍ ካለው ኤር ቤዝ በመነሳት ማንኛውንም የኢትዮጵያ ምድር በቀላሉ ማጥቃት ይችላሉ፣ ከአፍሪካ አንደኛ የሆነውን ኃይል ለመከላከል ኢትዮጵያ ምን አይነት ስራኣዊት አላት
--ከ 170 የማይበልጡ ያረጁ ሶቬየት ስራሽ ቲ-55 እና 50 ቲ-62 እንዲሁም ከየመን የተገዙ 50 ቲ 72 ታንኮች                             ---150000 –180000 በቅጡ በወታደራዊ ሙያና ዲሲፕሊን  ያልተገነባ  ስራዊት--
በዚያ ላይ የወያኔ መከላከያ እንደሚታየው እርስ በርሱም ያልተግባባና ችግር ውስጥ ያለ ስለመሆኑ በቅርቡ በቡሬ ግንባር የታየው የርስ በርስ ዕልቂት ብቻ በቂ ማስረጃ ነው፣በዚህ አይነት ውስጡ ቢገባ ስንት ጉድ አለ፣ እንዲሁ በወፍ በረር መቃኘትም ይቻላል፣ ስራዊቱ በውትድርና ሙያው በዲስፕሊን የላቀና ደረጃውን የጠበቀ የሰው ሃይል፣የተሟላ ትጥቅ የለውም፣ አየር ኃይል ከኤርትራ መሻሉ ካልሆነ በቀር አለ ማለት አይቻልም፣ ኤር ድፌንስ ሲስተም የተረሳ ነው፣ ግብፅ በፈለገቺው ስዓት የኢትዮጵያን አየር ክልል ጥሳ የፈለገችውን ስፍራ ማጥቃት ብታደርግ የሚያቆማት የለም፣ ዩኒፎርም ማልበስና የመሳርያ ፋብሪካ ማቁዋቁዋም ብቻ ጥንካሬን አያመለክትም፣ከግብፅ ጋር ውጊያ መግጠም አይሞከርም፣ ከነሱ ጋር ማነፃጸርም ድፍረት ነው፣ከደርግ ግዜ ጀምሮ የኢትዮጵያ መከላከያ በእጅጉ ወድቁዋል፣ ግብፆች እንደ ድርቡሽ ዘመን እግረኛ ጦር መላክ አያስፈልጋቸውም፣ የፈለጉትን ዒላማ እዚያው ሆነው መምታትም ይችላሉና።
በመሆኑም  የመለስ ዜናዊ ፍላጎት በዓባይ ግድብ  ስም ያለማቁዋረጥ መዋጮ መስብስብ ነው፣ መዋጮ ማዋጣት ህዝቡ ሲያቆም ትያትሩም ጨዋታውም እዚያ ላይ ይዘጋል/ ይቆማል፣ ሌላው ኢትዮጵያን ያለወቅቱ ከግብፅ ጋር በማጋጨት ወደፊት በዚህ ዙርያ እንዳታቅድ ማድረግ ነው የሚል እምነት አለኝ  ሆኖም ግን ኢህአዴግ ሌላ በስልጣን የመቆያ ዘዴ እስኪፈጥር ወይም ጠንካራ ተተኪ እስኪያገኝ ድርስ መቃብር የወረደውን አሁንም ወደፊትም የክቡር አቶ መለስ ራዕይ  ተግባራዊ እናደርጋልን መፈክር ይቀጥላል፣ ህዝቡ ግን ተዋሽም አልተዋሽም ማድመጥ አቁሟል፣ ኢህአዴግም መለስ ዜናዊ ዓይነት ዋሾ ከየትም እንደማያመጣ ታውቁዋል ከዚህ በሁዋላ በቡሬ ግንባር የተጀመረው የኢህአዴግ የርስ በርስ ሽኩቻና መጠፋፋት ትያትር መመልከት የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ተራ ይሆናል። የአባይ ግድብ ግን በአቅም ያልተጀመረ በመሆኑ ህልም ሆኖ ይቀራል ማለት ይቻላል።
 አስጨናቂ ድረስ  (ከጉለሌ)   

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Ethiopia begins a process to ratify the Nile Basin CooperativeFramework Agreement (CFA) into legislation by the House of Peoples Representatives.

The CFA, which is signed in May 2011 by six of the Nile Basincounties including Ethiopia, seeks to establish a permanent River Nile Basin Commission through which member countries of the basin will jointly manage and develop resources of the Nile, the longest river in the world.

"We have now started a process to have the CFA ratified into a legislation," Reta Alemu, Director of International Legal Affairs Directorate General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), said Tuesday at a consultative meeting organized by the Ministry of Water and Energy (MoFA) and the Ethiopian Nile Discourse Forum (EthNDF).

Ethiopia put a hold on the ratification process to allow Egypt, which is yet to sign the CFA, regain political stability following months of unrests that led to the formation of a new government.

"The six countries that signed the CFA have agreed to proceed with a process to ratify the treaty into legislation," Reta said.

The upstream countries that have so far signed include Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. All six parliaments are expected to ratify the CFA.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has not signed yet while the world's newest country, South Sudan, could accede to the treaty.

Egypt and Sudan have persistently refused to sign the agreementwhich, if signed and ratified by governments, could end their hegemonic control over the waters.

Egypt wants to maintain its 'historic rights' that emanated from a 1929 colonial-era treaty signed with Britain. The treaty gave Egypt veto rights over all upstream projects. A subsequent 1959 treaty between Egypt and Sudan also gave the two downstream countries over ninety percent control of Nile waters.


Source: Walta Information Center – March 7, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weekly Water Report, Middle East & Africa -OOSKA News

Middle East & Africa

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Saudi Arabia Announces $4 Billion in New Water Projects

RIYADHSAUDI ARABIA — The Saudi Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SSWCC) on March 2 announced nine new water projects in the kingdom. The total cost of the projects is estimated at $4 billion USD.

Kuwait Will Allow Private Companies to Build Desal, Power Plants

KUWAIT CITYKUWAIT — The Kuwaiti parliament is currently considering a draft law that would allow companies listed on the stock exchange to build desalination and power plants without working through a local agent.

Qatar Has World’s Highest Water Consumption: Kahramaa

DOHAQATAR — Qatar has the highest per capita water consumption in the world, the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) said this week.

IWMI Makes Case for “Non-Integrated” Water Resources Management

SINGAPORE — Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) has become a de facto solution for many water issues, but it sometimes results in negative outcomes and has shut out alternative thinking, International

Congolese Refugees in Rwanda Camp Suffer Serious Water Shortages

GIHEMBE CAMP (The New Times) — Congolese refugees at Gihembe Camp in North Province have decried the incessant shortage of water that broke out two months ago, saying it has made their lives hard. Officials at the camp that

Qatar's Haya Water Launches New Lab

MUSCAT (Oman Daily Observer) — Haya Water launched their commercial lab analysis services for public and private sector organisations yesterday at a glittering ceremony at the InterContinental.

Water More Important Than Heat When It Comes to Climate Change and Crop Yields: Study

AUSTRALIABRISBANE — New research released this week finds that climate change is having a direct effect on crop yields -- but not because of temperature increases.

Arab Countries Need $75 Billion Annually to Deal With Water Challenges

CAIROEGYPT — Arab countries will need $75 billion USD annually to meet their water, power and food security challenges, officials said during the Arab Water Council meeting, which concluded in Cairo on February

AfDB Invests $58 Million for Drought Mitigation in the Horn of Africa

NAIROBIKENYA — The African Development Bank (AfDB) last week approved a new $58 million USD financing tranche to boost drought resilience in Horn of Africa countries.

Lebanon Ministry Approves Dam Despite Warnings

BEIRUT (Daily Star (Lebanon)) — The Energy and Water Ministry is going ahead with plans to build a dam in Janna despite several reports warning that the barrier will be ineffective and potentially damaging to Jeita Gr

3 Days Without Water in East Darfur

ASSALAYA (Radio Dabanga) — Out of order water stations for the last three consecutive days in East Darfur's Assalaya locality are "threatening the lives" of local residents, especially of women, children, elderly and the s

Egypt’s Per Capita Share of Water at 660 Cubic Meters

CAIROEGYPT — The per capita share of water in Egypt has reached 660 cubic meters, representing a continuous decline in available water resources, according to a government report released last week.

Malawi Officials Claim Conflicts of Interest in Lake Malawi Mediation Team

MALAWILILONGWE — The Malawi government this week expressed concern over the fact that a Tanzanian national is serving as executive secretary of the mediation team working on the border dispute between Malawi and Ta

South Africa's Human Rights Commission Received 144 Water Complaints

JOHANNESBURG ( — The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has received 144 complaints in the past two years about problems with the quality and supply of water, the Sunday Independent reported. "Inadequate water

Angola City to Increase Water Connections by 6,000

LUANDA (Angola Press) — The city of Uíge will benefit in the coming days from more than 6,000 home connections to piped water in the urban área and implantation of some fountains in the peripheral zones, under the proje

Saudi Desal Capacity Continues to Rise

RIYADH ( — Saudi Arabia remains the largest supplier of desalinated water in the world producing 18 percent of the total global output. SWCC's 27 plants on the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf produced 855.9 mil

African, Asian Dust Affects California Water

LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles Times) — High-altitude dust blown thousands of miles across the Pacific from Asian and African deserts can make it rain and snow in the Sierra Nevada, according to new research that suggests tiny particle

South African Government Plans $93 Billion Infrastructure Spend

JOHANNESBURGSOUTH AFRICA — The South African government plans to mobilize $93 billion USD from state agencies for new infrastructure over the next three years, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan told parliament in his budgets

Iraq to Launch $750 Million Water Projects in Basra

IRAQBAGHDAD — The Iraqi Ministry of Municipalities on February 25 announced $750 million USD worth of new water projects in Basra.

WEX Announces Innovation Awards

LONDON (Water and Energy Exchange) — The Water and Energy Exchange has announced the winners of its water-energy innovation awards competition. The winner in Innovation in Process Technology was VITENS - Clean Operator Project.

Omani Water Stages Seminar This Weekend

MUSCAT (Oman Daily Observer) — The Omani Water Association will organise on March 2, Saturday, a seminar on the water resources in Musandam titled “Challenges & Solutions” under the patronage of Ali bin Mohammed al Abri, Und

Veolia's South African Unit Wins Water Treatment Contract

MAUN (Creamer Media's Engineering News) — Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies South Africa subsidiary Veolia Water Solutions (VWS) Envig Botswana was awarded a contract to design, supply and commission a 6 000 m3/d potable water pl

Saudi Arabian Official Blasts Ethiopia Over Grand Renaissance Dam

CAIROEGYPT — The Saudi government this week criticized Ethiopian plans to construct the controversial $5 billion USD Grand Renaissance Dam on the Nile, saying it threatens Egypt and Sudan’s share of the river’s

Arab Fund Lends Morocco $25 Million for Water Treatment Plant

MOROCCORABAT — The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development is lending the Moroccan government $25 million USD for a drinking water treatment plant, Moroccan officials said earlier this week.

Ghana Authorities Investigate Expired Treatment Chemicals at Weija Plant

GHANAACCRA — Members of Ghana’s National Security Agencies have impounded some 300 bags of expired aluminum sulfate from the Weija water treatment plant, which serves the capital, Accra, and the nearby coasta

Israeli, Palestinian Scientists Investigate Water Pollution

JERUSALEM (The Jerusalem Post) — A group of Israeli and Palestinian environmental scholars have started on a joint effort to test the area’s water supply for potentially health-altering endocrine-disrupting chemicals. At thei

Zimbabwe's Capital Faces Water Shortages Due to Repairs

HARARE (The Herald (Zimbabwe)) — Harare's Western suburbs will be without water today following disconnections of pipes along Lochinvar Reservoir for maintenance works. Council spokesperson Mr Leslie Gwindi yesterday confirme

Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services Contribute Substantially to South Africa's Economy

LIMPOPO ( — The benefits derived from biodiversity or ecosystem services are estimated at R73 billion per annum, according to Minister of Water & Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa. Molewa was speak

World Bank Lends Egypt $450 Million for Water and Sanitation Projects

CAIROEGYPT — The World Bank will lend $450 million USD loan to the Egyptian government over the next three years for water and sanitation projects, according to Egyptian officials.

EBRD Appoints Head of New Tunisian Office

TUNIS (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) — The EBRD has appointed Marie-Alexandra Veilleux as the first head of the Tunisian office, a further step forward in the EBRD’s support for the country’s economic development and reform process.&n

The World's Best Tasting Water Prize Goes to Kansas

BERKELEY SPRINGS (CNN International) — The 23rd annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, held in the spa town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, is the largest

Iran, Turkmenistan Discuss Bilateral Cooperation

ASHGABAT (Fars News Agency) — Iranian Vice-President for International Affairs Ali Saeedlou is due to have left Tehran for Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, yesterday in a bid to discuss expansion of bilateral ties. Saeedlou, who wi

Water Management for Oil & Gas Sector Conference in April

PRAGUE (Marcus Evans) — The 2nd Edition Advanced Water Management for Oil & Gas: Excellent Water Treatment and Produced Water Management to Ensure Profitable Production will be held April 15-17, 2013, i

Ghana's President Tasks Operators to Reduce Water Loss

ACCRA (GhanaWeb) — President John Mahama has tasked operators of the Weija treatment plant to do all they can to reduce the rate of losses in the water production and distribution process. About 40 percent of wa

UK Government Announces $106 Million Aid Package to Yemen

YEMENSANA’A — The UK government will extend $106 million USD to Yemen over the next two years for life-saving assistance to one million people.

Healthy Ecosystems Key to Sustainable Development in Africa: UNEP

NAIROBIKENYA — African governments should prioritize interventions that promote healthy ecosystems, in order to reduce the mounting disease burden from air and water pollution and poor waste management, according

UAE Allocates $2.5 Billion for Infrastructure Projects in Bahrain

MANAMABAHRAIN — The UAE government will provide $2.5 billion USD worth of loans to Bahrain to implement water, sanitation, power and other infrastructure projects, government officials said last week.

Somaliland's Hargeisa Water Supply Expanded

HARGEISA (Somaliland Sun) — It was mentioned in the daily news papers that a third transmission pipe would be added to the existing two parallel pipes that bring water to Hargeisa.

Liberia, WSA Sign Partnership Agreement

MONROVIA (The Informer) — The Liberian Government Friday (Feb 22) took another giant step towards making its citizens gain access to safe drinking water and sanitation, when it signed an agreement with Water and Sanitatio

Turkey Resumes Mega Dam

ISTANBUL (Hurriyet Daily News) — Turkey’s highest dam is to be built in the Black Sea province of Artvin along with a hydroelectric power plant (HES), after years of u