Sunday, January 20, 2013

Uganda-Egypt sign the Nile Basin Agreement

Uganda and Egypt have jointly called for a meeting of Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) member countries to discuss and find solutions to impending problems that are related to the sharing of the waters from River Nile.
This was said by the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Industry and Fisheries, Tress Bucyanayandi and the Egyptian Minister of Water, resources and irrigation, Mohhamed Bahaa Eldin Ahmed while signing the agreement of the Nile Basin at on Friday at Serena Hotel.
The said the meeting will focus on finding out how each country could benefit from the resources without jeopardising interests of other members.
The talks between the two were also attended by the minister for fisheries, Ruth Nankabirwa, and Eprahim Kamuntu who is the minister for water and environment at Serena Hotel before they rushed to Bugoloobi to inspect the machines that will help in the operation of the Nile.
They said that there should be an amicable agreement on the proper use of the Nile water by all member states.
“River Nile and its water should be something that brings us together, rather than separating us,” Bahaa said.
The two leaders also agreed on the need to improve investment between their two countries, especially in agriculture and proper water management.

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