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Egyptian Minister: Final report on Ethiopian dam in February | Egypt Independent

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The final report on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be submitted to the governments of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia in February, Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Mohamed Bahaa Eddin has said.
The report includes plans for action in case the dam is found to negatively affect any of the three countries.
The minister added that neither Ethiopia nor any other Nile Basin country were permitted to transfer Nile water to Israel, as international agreements outlaw the transport of water from international rivers outside their basins.
Bahaa Eddin said Egypt would agree with Ethiopia not to fill the dam’s reservoir if the flood levels drop, in order to not threaten the flow of water to Egypt and Sudan.
He said that Ethiopia has a right to national development, provided that it doesn’t negatively impact other countries. He added that the four international experts on the panel evaluating the dam are focusing on its environmental effects on Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

  • Jok Biong A · University Of Khartoum

    Will Egypt accepts to give water to other African nations if Nile river runs to the South? African basin nations must stop and confront Egypt from thinking such ways of old era of colonilas times. Ethiopia and other African nations have full right in using Nile water.

    • Abwaan Jeyjey ·  · Kajaani
      i saw on my eyes where the river starts , it was Ethiopia

    • Levar Mitchell ·  Top commenter · Norfolk State University
      Well said! I wonder, does Egypt think it can stand against Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, etc? They will have something to say about this too. Ethiopia is also a strategic ally of the United States. Any belligerence on the part of Egyptians can endanger the billions of dollars they get from the US.

    • Teweldebrhan Kifle ·  ·  Top commenter
      Levar Mitchell,

      Military confrontation has never been a solution to any sort of problem in this world. But man qua man is the most stupid creature ever existed and has failed to learn from his own and past mistakes. if Egypt intends to invoke that card, it would be an all out failure on their part. My hope is that Egyptians would not fall into such trap based on bogus grounds. "no one who had tried that(war) has survived to tell the story" was the response of the late PM Meles Zenawi to a certain media man. Nothing can change the truth that Ethiopia is entitled to its waters.

  • Levar Mitchell ·  Top commenter · Norfolk State University
    This is the worst bunch of crap I've ever heard in my life. Ethiopia can do whatever she wants with her own resources. If Egypt wants to invoke so-called international law, then Ethiopia can do the same to protect her sovereignty. Ethiopia can give water to whoever she wants to. What does giving water to Israel have to do with Egypt? Mind your business, Egypt. Stop being self-entitled spoiled brats. You have taken on the mentality of your former colonial oppressors, Great Britain. The world is much bigger than you. There are plenty of desert countries who find various ways to get water. The arrogance of Egyptians astounds me!

  • gmoges (signed in using yahoo)
    I can't be amazed by the so called international rules and regulations that the Brithish had it over a century ago, please let poor Ethiopia use her resources and feed her people. I heard Egypt has more than 5 billion US in aid/ free money every year, would this not enough to live as free loader. I wish if MELES would have lived longer at least he has the stamina to say I say so and we would have seen the reprisals where it would take us.

    • Fiseha Fitwi · Addis unversity
      well done we will not stop the meles dam even for one scnd.

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