Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sudan, Egypt Discuss Bilateral Cooperation in the Nile Basin Area Sudan Vision Daily

Khartoum - Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Dr. Saif Addeen Hamad Abdullah discussed with his Egyptian counterpart, Dr. Hisham Gandil bilateral cooperation among the Nile Basin countries and technical cooperation between the two countries on water resources.

Dr, Abdullah described, in a statement (to SUNA) following the meeting, the meetings as successful, where the Egyptian Minister briefed them on the results of his visit to Rwanda, Burundi and Congo in the framework of joint cooperation among Nile Basin countries to achieve coherence in the interest of the peoples of the Nile Basin countries, pointing out that the meeting had touched on the topics of interest to both countries in the field of Nile water and technical cooperation.
The minister added that the ongoing coordination between Sudan and Egypt will be in the interest of both countries to collaborate with the countries of the Nile Basin.
For his part, Dr. Hisham Gandil said that the visit came within the framework of periodic consultation with Dr. Abdullah to discuss the Nile Basin issues, pointing out he informed to officials in Burundi, Rwanda and  Congo, the position of development of cooperation in the said countries during the past ten years.
Gandil announced attract of investment at one billion dollars to finance projects that implemented through the Nile Basin Initiative, as well as attracting financial resources for studies and capacity building by more than $ 340 million.
He pointed out that there are projects underway in preparation at a cost of $ 11 billion, indicating that the said projects will only be achieved in cooperation between the countries of the group, adding that he agreed with the countries that the next meeting will be held in the Rwandan capital, Kigali.

By SUNA, 12 hours 27 minutes ago  

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