Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Egypt: Irrigation Minister - Entebbe Agreement of No Value Without Nation, Sudan

Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hisham Qandeel affirmed on Monday 30/04/2012 that the Entebbe agreement that was signed by six Nile Basin countries is of no value or effect without Egypt and Sudan and without consensus between all the basin countries on its articles, especially that there are agreements between those countries in this regard.
However, Minister Qandeel pointed out that the agreement does not mention any specific water quotas to be distributed among the Nile Basin countries and does not talk about the redistribution of this water.
The minister also denied Egypt and Sudan have the right to veto any projects on the Nile basin, noting that there is a common worldwide principle that govern relations between the countries that share the same river basin.
He added that Egypt was the first country to seek reaching an institutional framework that regulates relations between the Nile Basin countries.
This came during a press conference for the minister in the Syndicate of Journalists.

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