Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Egyptian Chronicles: Ethiopia gives us time

Ethiopia gives us time

The Egyptian public diplomatic delegation made a fantastic achievement Yesterday in Ethiopia as the Nile upstream leading country has decided to halt the construction of renaissance dam and the Nile river treaty till our parliamentary and presidential elections. This is a huge achievement considering the damage made by the Mubarak regime all those years and the the short time given to the public diplomatic delegation.
The Ethiopians also agreed that we form a delegation of experts from Egypt , Ethiopia , Sudan , Africa and also other countries to check the renaissance dam in order to make sure that it will not affect Egypt and Sudan.
The delegation visit the Ethiopian church
The public diplomatic delegation made from public Egyptian personalities like included :
  • Presidential candidates like Bouthina Kamel , Hamdeen Sabhi and Hisham El Bastawisis
  • Public personalities like Abdel Hakim Abdel Nasser.
  • Partisan personalities like Siyad Badawy , Mustafa El-Gundy of El Wafd , Osama Ghazli Harb of democratic front and Hussein Ibrahim of Muslim brotherhood
  • Political activists like Karima Hifny and Dr. Mohamed Abu El- Gar
  • Representatives from the January 25th revolutionary youth.
How can a delegation like that succeed in what the Mubarak regime failed to do ? Well may be the Mubarak regime did not want to solve the conflict over the Nile river !! That regime needed to create some sort of an enemy to justify its policies and why we are in need for Mubarak.
The Ethiopians told the delegation that the former regime was overshadowing the the Egyptian Ethiopian relations creating these tensions .
PM Sharaf is going to visit Ethiopia next May 13th insh Allah.
This is a fantastic start despite all the fears and speculations on what will happen after the presidential and parliamentary elections. It is great start and seriously thank all the members of the delegation and also the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs and SCAF for thinking out side the box.

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